POI Data Management


The Web based POI Data Management was basically developed for the driving experiment in Schladming. Due to the tourism board information was integrated and used as a starting point to build the data base. By using the POI Data Management points of interest could be managed via a web browser and would support the information to an appropriate mobile application like “Mid Europe Schladming” or “Pinpoint Schladming”.


The POI database can be set up via an automatic Data import by using a CSV file. Beside the already imported Schladming tourism database any other POI database could be imported by using the defined import file format. An Editor is able to create, modify and delete single POIs by using the WebAC. Used POI parameters are: name (mandatory field), street, postcode, town, phoneNumber, website, email, shortDescription, description, latitude, longitude, externalId, facebookPageId and categoryId (can be used several times by using different category values).

The AR client (End User) uses a REST API offered by the Data Management Infrastructure. The client get via API the relevant POIs which are cached on the device in a lightweight database but can be updated if required.

Shows an overview of the POI Data Management Infrastructure

Figure 1: Shows an overview of the POI Data Management Infrastructure

Use Cases

TODO: Describe (some) typical usage scenarios, where this component might be of value.

Requirements & Installation


Hosted service.


The POI Data Management is hosted at Infonova.

Location: https://isystem5.infonova.com:8181/experimedia/pois/ (The user credentials are available from Infonova).


The POI Data Management System supports the following information:

  • Name
  • Street
  • Postcode
  • Town
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website
  • Facebook Page ID
  • Short description
  • Description
  • Categories
  • Geographic Coordinates
    • Latitude
    • Longitude

All via POI data service available information are provided as JSON-Array. Each POI is represented via a separate JSON-Object. Via frontend access POIs can be imported, added, edited and deleted for data management.


The POI data base management interface requires the following interface communication:

http://<server>:<port>/experimedia/services/get_pois?timestamp=<timestamp- millisec/facebook_page_id

The Page-ID can also be set via APP service call. Due to a set_page_id at the end of the message URL can sets this information:


List of functions

  • Import POIs via CSV file import
  • Manage POIs via Backend UI
    • create
    • modify
    • delete
  • Manage POI Management System user via Backend UI
    • create
    • modify
    • delete

Code Examples

Each POI is represented via a separate JSON-Object:

[{“phoneNumber”: “+43 3686 1111”,”shortDescription”: “Kulinarium - Kueche der Genuesse ...”,”email”: “info@grafenwirt.at”,”webSite”: “http://www.grafenwirt.at”,”description”: ”...”,”street”: “Vorstadt 1”, “name”: “Dorfgasthof “Zum Grafenwirt””,”postCode”: “8966”,”facebookID”: “0815”,”categories”: [“Eisstockschiessen”,”Gasthaus”],”longitude”: 13.8201,”latitude”: 47.4201,”town”: “Aich”},{“phoneNumber”: “+43-676-1111111”,”shortDescription”: “Einzigartige Atmosphaere in einer wunderschoenen Landschaft im Naturpark Soelktaeler!”,”email”: “mseebacher@aon.at”,”webSite”: “http://www.dt-adventure.at”,”description”: ”...”, “street”: “Fleiss 3 vlg. Oberlanger”,”name”: “Hochseilgarten und Kletterhalle”,”postCode”: “8961”,”categories”: [ “Ausflugsziel”],”longitude”: 13.999,”latitude”: 47.381,”town”: “St. Nikolai im Soelktal”},...]

User Interface

By using the UI of the POI Management System, the user could:

  • Import POIs from existing databases
  • Allocate multiple categories
  • Add categories
  • Add/edit/delete POIs
POI Data Management - Backend UI

Figure 1: POI Data Management - Backend UI

Contact & Support Information


Stefan Prettenhofer, MA


Infonova will host the POI Management System and ensure that it is up and running for at least 6 month after EXPERIMEDIA is finished. Infonova will not do any further development on this application.


There are no legal restrictions for using this software (hosted).