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Creator is a software platform for creating, setting up and running pervasive games and related location-based or otherwise context-aware services. The platform is quite scalable and previous versions has been used for large-scale games with thousands of simultaneous players.


Creator is implemented as a web service ands players. Creator is implemented as a web service and both creation of a game and orchestration of a running game session is is done through a web browser. This approach makes it quite easy to integrate Creator games with other services and devices, as web technologies are ubiquitous. Creator supports a messaging system which allows for easy integration of many external services to it, e.g. web service or mobile clients (which either runs local native code on a mobile device, or is accessed via a mobile web browser), stationary or mobile sensors, etc.

Use Cases

Creator have been used in both smaller and bigger productions. Some examples are the Conspiracy For Good ARG (alternate reality game) and more recently the Monitor Celestra LARP (live action roleplaying). Creator have however also bee used in smaller productions, such as the REENACT and Treasure Hunt experiments performed within Experimedia.

Requirements & Installation


  • Ruby 1.9.3
  • Ruby on Rails 4.0
  • MySQL 5.6.13


  • Download Creator from its git repository on GitHub: If it is not yet available it will be in the future.
  • Setup the server using standard Ruby on Rails procedures, more details can be found on
  • Run budle install to install dependencies
  • Run rake commands for first time initlization of the databases
  • Start the server using rails commands


No specific configuration should be needed for this service.


List of functions

Clients communicate with Creator using a restAPI.

Code Examples

Below is a JavaScript example:

function creatorExample(){
   var b = $("body");
   var spellID = "#e1d026c";
   var wizardID = "#c018635";
   var p = $.ajax({
      url: '',
      type: 'POST',
      dataType: 'json',
      data: {
         apikey: "d594a2e074eed72b9f0612efb0d2660cd3ee1893",
         target: spellID,
         actor: wizardID

User Interface

TODO (if applicable)

To log into the service, a user must enter valid credentials in the login screen.

Screenshot of the login screen for the Creator platform


The user can setup the model for the game experience in the configuration screen. All elements which the game administration might be interested in manipulating and monitoring should be addressed. In this example we can see a model for a wizard which the players are in this particular setup.

Screenshot of the configure screen for the Creator platform


Once the model is in place the user can create instances of the modelled game objects. This is done by dragging the relevant items down from a list in the top and onto one of three workspaces below. This will show a list of all objects currently existing in that category of game objects. An item from this list can then be dragged over to another workspace, allowing for keeping track of three items at a time. Once the object i open its properties can be edited also when the game is running.

Screenshot of the create screen for the Creator platform


In this the final view the player is offered a tool for defining the rules of the game. All existing rules and the option to create new ones can be found in the left list. Once a rule is selected a console with the code for that rule is opened to the right. Here the user can edit the code which is automatically saved.

Screenshot of the rulebook screen for the Creator platform

Contact & Support Information


Erik Einebrant
Interactive Institute Swedish ICT AB
Isafjordsgatan 22/Kistagången 16
Box 1197
SE-164 26 Kista, Sweden
phone: +46 738 351 442
email: eriein[at]


See Contact.


Open source, exact license to be defined