Avatar Creator


The avatar creator tool service provides the tools needed to create a realistic looking 3D character online. The application runs directly on a browser and does not require installation nor does it bother with external dependencies. The tool provides options for the creation of both male and female characters, and allows users to download their created characters in a .js file format.


The avatar creator tool service features a wide range of customization options including skin tone selection, eye colour selection, hairstyle and hair colour selection, clothing options and accessories.

Avatar View

The 3D interactive Viewer window displays the character as it is being customized in real time and offers zoom-in and zoom-out, along with camera panning functionality, that can be easily controlled via the user’s mouse. Users are able to position the virtual camera anywhere, and view the character from every angle, enabling easy access to the features of the character they wish to customize

Avatar View

An intuitive tool for incorporation of facial structure and texture from a live photograph is provided, in case users wish to create a character bearing their physical resemblance. An easy-to-use interface allows users to activate their webcam and take a snapshot of their face, which is automatically processed and adapted into the avatar’s actual facial appearance.

Avatar View

Once the user is satisfied with the final avatar on display, a one-button export option (Figure 43) exports the character and generates a download link. All character textures and the final .js mesh file are zipped to a compressed archive and offered to the user for download and further use in any application they desire.

Use Cases

The service can be used whenever an avatar is needed to be created in real time. An Example of use of this service is the PlayHist experiment where users are creating their own customized avatars on the fly and therefore these avatars are integrated into a game board. The service provides easy creation of avatars in real time and it is quite straightforward to be integrated in every experiment that needs a higher degree of visualization aids that involves humans.

Requirements & Installation




All the aforementioned functionalities are easily accessible through a dynamic and easy to use interface that features menus after menus of button options and sliders for easy customization of the characters.




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User Interface

The user interface consist of several functionalities

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