SAD configuration files explained

SAD Service Database access

SAD Service is using SAD Coordinator as a framework for PosgreSQL database access. Configuration file: sad-service/src/main/resources/coordinator.json.


server: full PostgreSQL server URL including port.

username, password: valid credentials for database user (preferably with admin priviledges).

name: name of the database to be used.

management, data: internal names for datbase schemas to store management information and all data.

Sample SAD Plugins

Configuration files for sample SAD plugins sad-plugins/<plugin name>/src/main/resources/configuration.json are used to generate main configuration file for corresponding plugins during Maven build.

   "enabled": "y",
   "name": "basic-sns-stats",
   "description": "Basic Social Network posts analytics plugin. Extracts basics stats from collections of tweets or Facebook posts",
   "paths": {
       "jar": "target/${}.jar",
       "dependenciesFolder": "target/${sad.plugin.lib.folder}"
   "arguments": [ ],
   "inputs": [ ],
   "outputs": { }

enabled: if set to n, the plugin will be omitted from installed plugins list by the service.

name: the name of the plugin. Can not contain spaces or symbols as used in visualisation URLs.

description: human-readable description of the plugin.

paths/jar: location of the plugin jar with Main method.

paths/dependenciesFolder: location of the folder with all plugin’s java dependencies.

arguments, inputs, outputs: describe plugin’s interaction with the world.